Fees Structure


(Tuition fees is paid per trimester)i.e 3 times in Year.

Course Name.Course CodeCourse Duration.Tuition Fees Per Semester(UGX).Tuition (USD)
PhD in Management Sciences:Educational PlanningPhD-EP4 years5000.0003000
Master Of Education FoundationsMED-EF2 years1100.000700
Master Of Education In Comparative And Instructional TechnologyMED-IT2 years1100.000700
Master Of Education In Early ChildhoodMED2 years1100.000700
Master Of Education In Educational Administration And MgtMED-RS2 years1100.000700
Master Of Education In Religious StudiesMSEN2 years1100.000700
Master Of Education In Special Needs EducationMSEN2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration:Banking and FinanceMBA-B&F-D2 years1100.000700
Bachelor Of Business AdministrationMBA-F&A-D2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration:Finance And AccountingMBA-HR-D2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration:Human Resource MgtMBA-MK-D2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration:MarketingMBA-MGO-D2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration NGO MgtMHD2 years1100.000700
Master Of Arts In Human Rights And DevelopmentMCR-D2 years850000500
Master Of Arts In Conflicts Resolution And Peace BuildingMAH-D2 years900.000680
Master Of Arts In HistoryMPA-D2 years850.000460
Master Of Arts In Public AdmintrationMBA-S&P-D 2 years1100.000700
Master In Business Administration:Supplies And ProcurementBBA-D2 years1100.000700
Bachelor Of CommerceBCR-D2 years1036000690
Bachelor Of Conflict Resolution And Peace BuildingBDS-D4 years950000430
Bachelor Of Guidance And CounselingBHR-D4 years850000300
Bachelor Of Development StudiesBGC-D4 years950000690
Bachelor Of Human Resource ManagementBPA-D4 years1036867430
Bachelor Of Public AdministrationBPA-D4 years950000430
Bachelor Of Supplies And Procurement ManagementBSP-D4 years1036867690


Distance Learning

Distance learning is for students who prefer to study on their own at home. At the beginning,Students receive self-paced,self-instructional learning materials, either hard copies or via the internet.For three sessions in an academic year student are required to visit the university for face-to-face consultations with instructors and for assessment.

In-Service Programmes

These programmes are designed for primary and secondary teachers who come to the university during holidays.They are required to come for face-to-face sessions three times in one academic year with each session lasting for three weeks.Study material and course works are provided to the student during each trimester for take home.A diploma holder in education is expected to complete the course after 6 trimesters,while one with diploma from KISE is expected to cover 8 trimesters.A P1 certificate holder with mean Grade C plain or division 3 is expected to complete in 10 trimesters while with P1 Certificate and mean Grade C-,D+ or division 4 will complete within 12 trimesters.